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Covid Language for Event Contract

/Covid Language for Event Contract

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has had unprecedented impacts on the event industry. With the uncertainty around the pandemic, the need for clear language in event contracts has never been more crucial. Having the right language in your event contract can protect both event organizers and attendees from potential mishaps, which could result in legal issues and financial losses.

In this article, we`ll provide you with some essential COVID language to include in your event contract.

Force Majeure Clause

A force majeure clause should be included in your event contract to account for circumstances outside the control of the event organizer, which could lead to the cancellation or postponement of the event. This clause should explicitly include pandemics and public health emergencies as unforeseen circumstances that could fall under force majeure events.

Refund Policy

Given the increased risk of cancellation or postponement of events due to COVID-19, the refund policy should be more explicit in your event contract. Organizers should include the circumstances in which a refund will be issued, and the timeline for refunds. Including a clause that refunds will not be given in the case of a force majeure event will also prevent disputes and disagreements.

Safety Protocols

As an event organizer, it`s your responsibility to ensure the safety of your attendees. Including a clause outlining the safety protocols in place at the event, such as mandatory mask-wearing and social distancing measures, is essential. It`s also necessary to include language that provides organizers with the flexibility to change the safety protocols in response to changing circumstances.


Indemnification clauses protect both the event organizer and the attendees from losses or damages resulting from the event. Including an indemnification clause that specifies that attendees assume the risk of attending the event in the midst of a pandemic is wise. This will protect the organizer from potential lawsuits in case a participant contracts COVID-19 at the event.


In conclusion, including COVID language in your event contract is essential to ensure everyone`s safety and protection. It`s important to work with a legal professional with expertise in event contract language to ensure the clauses are well-drafted and comprehensive. Following these guidelines can help protect your event and attendees from the unforeseen circumstances and potential liability of COVID-19.